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Moto's Friday 15~!

1. What qualities do you desire most in a friend? - The kind any person looks for! Someone to spend time with, share a good laugh with, confide in, is able to mooch off of without owing back, a partner-in-crime, and so weiter~!

2. You're obviously on a social networking website. What kind of connections and contacts are you hoping to forge here? - To make strong friendships that will last until forever. 8D

3. In times of distress, what is your best asset or personality trait? - I'm a total spazz muffin when I'm in distress.

4. When you are unhappy, what is the best way to help you? - Just listening helps. :3 That or make me laugh. xD -very happy person- Not too hard to cheer me up, depending upon the situation of course.

5. What kind of social gatherings do you like? - The kind where I can drink. Anywhere where I'm with people I know well enough to enjoy myself safely. Notice how I didn't say legally...-shot-

6. What's the last game you played and enjoyed, and why? - The World Ends With You because it numbs my brain after an excruciating day of child care. 8D

7. Do you prefer to watch the movie, read the book, or both? And in what order? - Read the book~ movies usually screw things up so bad. D:

8. Do you think you'll make it to age 80? What will it be like? - AHAHAHAHAHA. No. D:

9. What is a great source of excitement in your life right now? - THE ADULT LIFE. 8D Searching for a job, beginning college, making new friendships, etc...:3

10. What's the last song stuck in your head? - Deja Vu - TWEWY OST.

11. What's the last white lie you told? - None. I've done nothing wrong lately to begin with. ;3

12. What's the personal code you live by, if any? - Live hard, die fast. You only get one life. :D

13. Would you change the world, or live and let live? - Too tired to do anything right now.

14. Are you more interested in meeting people similar to you, or different? - Either one works. As long as they're not buttholes, I'm all for it! :D

15. What are you going to do after clicking post? - Go mess around with Onee-sama. (NOT LIKE THAT. D8)

~Rosa Tomentosa en Bouton is awesome
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