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application for rose-dom & family - updated/edited

LiveJournal: venado/rosa_ausbloom (Monique)

I'm seeking a: Petite Soeur

Rose Family Name and reason- if any- you chose it(if starting a Rose family): Rosa Alba. I'm sorry originally I had 'AUSbloom' here but I thought it would be confusing for those who are members of my family on SS. I chose this alternative name because my mother's name is Rosalba & she is a very big part of my identity. How like me to be the Dark Lady & a white rose!

Age: 26 (4, Nov.)

Strengths: I think that when it comes to learning I am especially ambitious. I really do have a passion for it & I suppose that can be counted as a strength, right? I am also someone who is unapologetically 'me.' Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I would like to change about myself, but I am not someone who gives into the pressure of what others think I should be. I'm also confident in my knowledge & I think that while I am not outgoing, when in the classroom (I teach) I try to make people feel as comfortable as possible.

Weaknesses: I love photography&writing & I see a lot of talented artists around me - online & off - & it's easy for me to be intimidated & filled with self doubt about anything I do. I do have a habit of venting a lot in my journal. It's just my place to vent but maybe to some people that can be too negative a behaviour.

Likes: I am a really low key person, so my likes involve things such as: home decor, bird watching, gardening (or working with what I have on my deck). I'm interested in 19th century Spanish peninsular literature & catching Pokemon. I like politically charged conversations as well as the light hearted. I love language, perfume bottles, & jewelry - especially handmade stuff that I find on Etsy. I really love my cat & birds.

Here are some things from my interests list -
anti-breedism, ariyoshi kyoko, bird watching, breastfeeding rights, cats domino, celebrity memoirs, churros, cyndaquil, die große stille, estrella morente, helena kvarnström, historical fiction, home, home decor, house m.d., kdhx 88.1, kopn 89.5, la literatura peninsular, mark doty, mike gravel, nömadak tx, omondieu!, radiohead, reproductive rights, sailor galaxia, southern literature, steely dan, sufjan stevens, tori pepito & colometa, true/false film festival, txalaparta, writing, אֲנִי לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי.

Dislikes:I don't really like new sci-fi or fantasy (aimed at adults) novels. Overall I'm fairly disinterested in fanfiction & online rpgs. Final Fantasy, generalization of people based on race, sex, sexual identity, gender, ethnic background, religious & social backgrounds etc, binge drinking, dishonesty, insincerity, & the movie Crash.

What I can provide for my Soeur is: I mentioned that I am a teacher, so I think I go into giving advice with some sense of professionalism. I'm always willing to listen when someone needs to vent.

I would like my Soeur to (be): It'd be really nice to have a soeur who was interested in similar things but I really think it'd also be nice to take things slow & work on developing a close, lasting relationship. More & more it's important to me that a soeur values political issues - my parents are both immigrants & I am a bisexual woman so there are a lot of related issues that matter to me deeply. It would also be nice to meet someone who really valued the arts.

Age range for Soeur: My age or younger would be nice!

& just to add contact info: AIM - rock pigeons or rosa ausbloom

Email - peccare at gmail dot com
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