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Fresh meat incoming!

God it took me forever to get the nerve to post this...

LiveJournal: amongst_thine, nickname Kat; Real name Cassandra

I'm seeking a: An Oneesama, but I'm not closed off to having a Petite Soeur. She'll just have to ping me to the fact first. I'm a bit oblivious.

Rose Family Name and reason- if any- you chose it (if starting a Rose family): I wasn't really thinking of trying to start a family yet, but I filled it out anyway... Rosa Pimpinellifolia. It doesn't even look like a real rose at first glance, so it's obvious that no one would associate it as such and just simply ignore it. But it's fine with being ignored. That just makes the people who notice it be appreciated in return all the more.

Age: 19; D.O.B. July 9th

Strengths: I'm a good listener and I never go against my word, which also ties in for my tendency to look at everything from a purely neutral standpoint. People say I'm creative and a good writer, but I don't really believe them that much. By myself or in a small group I try not to stand out much, but I'm fiercely loyal to those I consider my friends and am more than willing to take their fights as my own. And... I guess some other things, but I'm not really good at talking about my strong points.

Weaknesses: I have horrid self-esteem issues and my emotions are so blunted sometimes it's like I don't have any. I have a cynical and blunt way of speaking that, while to me it seems like I'm just stating my mental processes as is, seems to offend everyone involved without my knowing or meaning to. I tend to go out of my way to help the problems of others, but try not to let anyone else know of my own.

Likes: I'm not good at these kind of questions either... I'm an internet junkie who loves cats, video games, and drowns my spare time on roleplays or artwork. Animes and mangas are another guilty pleasure, but I'm really specific on what I choose to invest in. Unpopular ones are preferred, same with ones that aren't overly contrived. (Though I've been guilty of making exceptions...) Going outside if it's quiet, nightfall, any kind of music as long as it's not Country or Rap, mind puzzles and philosophy... My dream is also to have a pet scorpion if that counts? I guess the only way to find out everything is to drag it out of me over time.

Dislikes: Being bored. My motivation tends to be in the negatives whenever I'm depressed. I'm fine with egotistical people as long as they're not rude about it. I'm not a fan of hypocrites or liars even though I've been guilty of both sometimes (I try to rectify it whenever I can) or two-faced people; like that one group of popular girls in high school who everyone loves but in truth they're all bitches, or my first boss who was a born-again Christian and I was her BFF until she found out I was pagan (not that I have any problems with Christians. Just really narrow-minded ones). Not a fan of people who are aware of their own problems and don't try to fix them... celery. Soap operas. Crowded places. Being in the back seats of cars. Probably the same verdict as 'Likes' on this one - find out over time and all. I'm better if they're done as direct questions rather than open-ended...

What I can provide for my Soeur is: I'm good a being someone for others to vent to and giving opinions, and have no conversational lines that anyone should be worried of crossing. (And by no lines I mean absolutely none.) Through my own personal experiences, I'd like to say I'm well-versed in the ways of the world, but that'd be too egotistical. I'm more of the bookish philosophical type, but I know the difference between backing down from a confrontation and standing up to fight. Not to mention explaining the art of being a pure neutral. It might be nice to have someone sitting on the sidelines with me.

I would like my Soeur to (be): Oddly enough, I'd like someone who's the Yang to my Yin really. While I'm introverted and keep my problems to myself, I want someone who's willing to drag me kicking and screaming into social situations and make me learn to trust in others. On the same coin, I could try and teach them how to pull it back and watch the scenario a bit before taking action or manage to lure them into talking out philosophy with me on the off days. I already have enough friends like me in my life, so having someone to be my polar opposite would be a refreshing and preferred change of pace.

Age range for Soeur: I don't really have any qualms about age. As a little kid, I was always considered to be on the same mental level, if not a big higher, than my own mother so age isn't really a deciding factor to me. It just matters if the connection's there.

For those who want to speak to me, you can find me most frequently on my AIM name to oppose Eros. And if anyone gets what the name means, they're already a personal favorite. ♥ I don't check my email often, so you're better off sending a PM to my journal if you can't find me.
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