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whynot... Searching for a Petite~ Rose application

LiveJournal: crowblood_heart
I'm seeking a: Petite Soeur
Rose Family Name and reason- if any- you chose it(if starting a Rose family): Rosa forrestiana because it's a pretty name and makes me think of fairies. The flowers even remind me of fairytales. ^^
Age: 20
Strengths: I'm a very good listener. I'm eloquent and I'm openminded and respectful, though I may agree to disagree.
Weaknesses: I have a temper, I am overemotional and clingy and I can be a bit aloof--I forget LJ exists sometimes.
Likes: reading, writing, photography(i need a new camera), computers, LJ, internet, cats, birds, crows, trees, nature.
Dislikes: hatred, arguments, fighting, yelling, people who don't walk their talk.

What I can provide for my Soeur is: a listening oneesama who would be willing to dream with her and talk. Someone who is open about experiences. Someone who doesn't keep her sister completely on a leash, but will snuggle her close if she really wants.
I would like my Soeur to (be): someone openminded, accepting, and a dreamer. Someone who wants to be the best they can be. Someone with passion, but who doesn't mind it if their oneesama occasionally disappears off the face of the earth.
Age range for Soeur: don't have a set age range but I'd prefer between 16 and 20, since I'm 20.

Contact: my aim is ruexcrow1336 and my email is
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