LiveJournal: nekowriter
I'm seeking a: Petite Soeur
Rose Family Name: Seraphinii, my Onee-sama picked this out because the rose is a wild rose and free spirited.
Age: 16
Strengths: I am honest, caring, and once i dedicate myself to someone or something there is no stopping me.
Weaknesses: I'm dense,blunt, and sarcastic. Fantastic mix, I know. ;]
Likes: anime, talking, photography, listening, music, art, writing and many other things
Dislikes: closed minds (though i do enjoy opening them), bad spelling and grammar.

What I can provide for my Soeur is: a dependable sister that will listen and give wake up calls. I will be a steady post that will support both my younger and older sister.
I would like my Soeur to (be): herself. I am not interested in putting my younger sister in a box, family is family. :]
Age range for Soeur: I would prefer the sister to be younger than me, though age isn't anything.
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Hi all,

I'm looking for pictures of Yuko Mizuno (Sachiko's Oneesama), but she's a little difficult to find since she doesn't appear in the anime as much as some of the others.

Would appreciate annnnnnny pictures of her?


Rosa Carabella

PS: Where the hell /is/ everyone??

One Year Soeurversary.

This weekend heralds the first year anniversary for my soeur sweetthumbelina and myself.
Somehow it feels longer than that, and somehow it feels as though I've known you for years and years.

You've got some big things coming up for you this year, some big choice, a move of location and perhaps a change of job. I hope I can continue to be there for you whilst we celebrate another year together.

Love, Oneesama
Rosa Carabella.

[KHR:Yamamoto] ;D



To my most esteemed himechi,

It has been two years since I first made you my petite souer and to this day, I don't ever regret my choice. You were the perfect early birthday present. (Goddamn I'm 18 in three days.)

Although we don't speak much, I still feel that close bond I had with you at the beginning of our souership.

Thanks for being such a lovely petite, but most of all, a great friend. <3

I'm really proud of having such a strong young woman as my petite souer.



P.S. Here's a picture of my boobies for you cause you pwned them and they're tres sexy~! Remember? :D?

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Fresh meat incoming!

God it took me forever to get the nerve to post this...

LiveJournal: amongst_thine, nickname Kat; Real name Cassandra

I'm seeking a: An Oneesama, but I'm not closed off to having a Petite Soeur. She'll just have to ping me to the fact first. I'm a bit oblivious.

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For those who want to speak to me, you can find me most frequently on my AIM name to oppose Eros. And if anyone gets what the name means, they're already a personal favorite. ♥ I don't check my email often, so you're better off sending a PM to my journal if you can't find me.
[KHR:Yamamoto] ;D


Because David Bowie's crotch is "the center point of a dimensional warp that leads to a place where everything is fucking magical"! He deserves to be part of this celebration! :D DANCE MAGIC, DANCE! 8D


This totally isn't 4 days late!!! 8DDDDI thank you for another year of laughs, WTF, and most of all, an amazing friendship. Espero no perder esta amistad tan linda que tengo contigo. I know this sounds corny, but corny is all I know how to be! ILU MAMAN! <3 Please don't ever change! Siempre te mirare como la hermana mayor que nunca tuve! <3

Sinceramente, tu brat,


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application for rose-dom & family - updated/edited

LiveJournal: venado/rosa_ausbloom (Monique)

I'm seeking a: Petite Soeur

Rose Family Name and reason- if any- you chose it(if starting a Rose family): Rosa Alba. I'm sorry originally I had 'AUSbloom' here but I thought it would be confusing for those who are members of my family on SS. I chose this alternative name because my mother's name is Rosalba & she is a very big part of my identity. How like me to be the Dark Lady & a white rose!

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