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a late friday fifteen response

I know that this friday fifteen was posted on the 25th of last month, but since it is the most recent & I am new I thought I'd jump on the activity - a sort of ice breaker :)

1. What qualities do you desire most in a friend?

I admire a lot of the qualities that I don't find in myself - patience being one near the top of the list. I think I need a patient friend because I am sure that at times my venting or forwardness can be frustrating. To be fair though, I think a lot of that doesn't come out online (being short tempered & impatient) like it does off line because I have time to think & type rather than blurt things out. Also, patience is so important because I think that some of my best friendships have come from slow & steady getting to know each other. I'm not really an instant results sort of friend - I like spending time on building a friendship. A friend who values education for the sake of education, for the love of learning, is also very important to me because I love learning, reading, & taking classes so much even though I've since graduated.

2. You're obviously on a social networking website. What kind of connections and contacts are you hoping to forge here?

It'd be nice to come into contact with people who are honest about what is happening in their lives, people who want to build relationships. I like conversations & I like sharing. I like meeting people who are creative too - I love seeing what people make.

3. In times of distress, what is your best asset or personality trait?

I can move forward - I'm not always happy when doing it but I never freeze up. Sometimes, even if my schedule is super busy, as long as there is 'a plan' then I function really well. For example, I'm just happier during the school year while I teach even though I have too many papers to grade & I feel worn out than say the free-roaming endless amount of time I have to myself in the summer. All that free time allows my mind to dip into my insecurities - so I really do perform better when stressed.

4. When you are unhappy, what is the best way to help you?

Just listen & let me vent. A lot of times I just need to let it out and I don't want someone to come to me with all their answers when I am not looking for advice. I just want to get stuff off my chest & I don't have a lot of people around me who will just listen.

5. What kind of social gatherings do you like?

Small ones where people can really get to talk or gatherings at restaurants because if you don't feel too comfortable talking you can always have something to drink or eat.

6. What's the last game you played and enjoyed, and why?

I've been playing Pokemon Pearl & I think I like it because I like Pokemon & it's a fairly simple game. I mean, you certainly have to jump through hoops to catch them all but it's something that is more time consuming than anything. It's not a game like Guilty Gear where you have to worry about frames per move or FRCs or a game like Tekken where you have to worry about something being punishable on block etc.

7. Do you prefer to watch the movie, read the book, or both? And in what order?

I prefer to do both! Usually I read the book first. In the case of the Potter movies, I did half & half because I started late. In the case of comics, I almost always read a particular comic first which is not the best thing to do with comic movies. I really had better luck watching the book to film transitions with things like Potter than with something like V for Vendetta.

8. Do you think you'll make it to age 80? What will it be like?

Oh I really don't know! I might because my heart seems to be really healthy but I always catch these weird illnesses. I'm mixed as to what it will be like when I am 80. Maybe it will be incredibly isolating or maybe I will have long since retired as a professor of Spanish literature & work in a bakery.

9. What is a great source of excitement in your life right now?

Oh not much is ever exciting during the summer but I did just finish painting my kitchen which means that my home is officially painted. My plants are growing nicely & my cat is doing well. I am so low key so what can be exciting? I put on a pair of pants without a struggle now, that's super neat for me & visiting the antique mall is always fun. Haha, I almost sound like I am already 80! Maybe I should have said in the last question 'It won't be too different from my life now!'

10. What's the last song stuck in your head?

Cat Power's cover called Rambling (Wo)Man.

11. What's the last white lie you told?

I lied & said that I didn't have a certain Pokemon in my box when I did have it. I was getting tired of my friends in town coming over and saying 'Breed me this' and just handing over a million Bidoofs & never checking to see if they had something I needed/wanted.

12. What's the personal code you live by, if any?

Be yourself & be honest - even if it doesn't seem very interesting.

13. Would you change the world, or live and let live?

Oh God, I'm not a live & let live sort of person because the way some people live is so that those in any certain minority can't live their lives (take marriage laws in the United States, for example). So I really think it is important that the world is changed so that people can start to love & respect each other. I meet a lot of people I don't like, but not liking someone is no reason to try to infringe on their rights so they have to be unhappy in their own private lives.

14. Are you more interested in meeting people similar to you, or different?

Meeting someone who is exactly like me personality-wise isn't something I am into (we probably wouldn't get along because we'd dislike our shared flaws, right?) but meeting someone who is completely different doesn't interest me loads either. I already meet tons of people who are very different from me & they're not particularly interested in getting to know someone like me. I mean, it's hard to be close friends with someone who wants to hang out at a bar when you want to hang out at home because after a while you get tired of not hanging out in the places that both of you can enjoy. I had a friend who was very outgoing & she partied a lot & I was so so low key that she got really tired of me & I was really worn out going to parties and being around people who couldn't remember my name or face in ten minutes.

I'm most interested in meeting someone with some similar interests & some different interests so I can learn from them & we can reach some sort of balance & compliment each other with those similarities & differences.

15. What are you going to do after clicking post?

I think I'm going to get a snack - my stomach is rumbling.
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