nekowriter (nekowriter) wrote in therosemansion,


LiveJournal: nekowriter
I'm seeking a: Petite Soeur
Rose Family Name: Seraphinii, my Onee-sama picked this out because the rose is a wild rose and free spirited.
Age: 16
Strengths: I am honest, caring, and once i dedicate myself to someone or something there is no stopping me.
Weaknesses: I'm dense,blunt, and sarcastic. Fantastic mix, I know. ;]
Likes: anime, talking, photography, listening, music, art, writing and many other things
Dislikes: closed minds (though i do enjoy opening them), bad spelling and grammar.

What I can provide for my Soeur is: a dependable sister that will listen and give wake up calls. I will be a steady post that will support both my younger and older sister.
I would like my Soeur to (be): herself. I am not interested in putting my younger sister in a box, family is family. :]
Age range for Soeur: I would prefer the sister to be younger than me, though age isn't anything.
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