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~The Rose Registry~

:Running Freely is Preferred Here...:

The Rose Registry: -Forest of Thorns-
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Rose Registry

This community is designed after a mentoring program in an anime entitled Maria Sama Ga Miteru, in which an older student becomes the mentor of a younger student by taking them as a Soeur (the French word for sister). The Student Council of the school consisted of the Rosas (the oldest and highest ranking student council members, sometimes also referred to as Grande Soeurs), the Boutons (the Soeurs of the Rosas who were being groomed to take the positions of their mentors the following year), and the Petite Soeurs (the Soeurs of the Boutons, who were also being groomed to succeed their mentors in the future). The trio of the Rosa, the Bouton, and the Petite is called a Rose Family.

The close relationships between the Soeurs of Maria Sama Ga Miteru are beautiful. As one of the main characters put it, The older sister watches over the younger sister, the younger sister supports the older sister. Even between families, the relationships are very close and supportive. It is this loving environment of friendship that therosemansion wishes to foster. Instead of a girls school, we are all apart of a much larger classroom: Life. We all know the feeling of needing a helping hand or a friendly face, and this is a place where everyone will hopefully find both in abundance. It is not necessary for you to be familiar with the anime in order to join. Girls of all ages, shapes, colors, sizes, and walks of life are welcome here.

Rose Families and the Seeking Soeurless

Soeur Speak:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Japanese, Anime, or the Series- a quick reference guide of words commonly used by members who are:

San- honorific akin to 'Ms. or Mr.'
Sama- honorific denoting high esteem, Roses are usually addressed as their name+sama
Chan and Kun- honorifics denoting closeness between friends or used on someone younger than yourself
Oneesama- what younger Soeurs call their older Soeur
Imouto- literally means 'little sister', what older Soeurs sometimes call their younger soeurs
Gokigenyou- used for greeting and parting. Akin to 'Good day' it literally translates to- 'I wish you'd stay feeling happy'
Ja nee- akin to 'see you later'

Rose Ritual


Once you post an application, be patient. Take the time to get to know your fellow community members, and make some new friends. It is more important to make friends, and to find someone who is right for you rather than to make a hastey Soeurship. It is really fun to be called 'Rosa _______', but I think if you find an Oneesama or Imouto who is just right for you, you'll understand that it carries an entirely different level of meaning that goes far beyond being 'cool'.

Note to Members Applying to be Rosas AKA Grande Soeurs

Age requirement: 20+

The moderators have agreed there may be certain exceptions, if you are a member who is 18 or 19 years old and feel that you can handle being the head of your own Rose Family, contact the moderators and they will explain the process of getting approved. You must be approved by all 4 moderators to be an exception to the 20+ rule.

You may choose your Rose Family name from this list provided that it isn't already taken by a current community member, on this list, or already taken by the anime Maria Sama Ga Miteru (Chinensis, Foetida, Gigantia, Canina).

For those member of soeur_system: You are welcome to join or request to reserve your rose names. Please view our policy on that here

Rosary Ceremony

The Soeur who is taking on an Imouto is the one who will post the Rosary Ceremony.

Feel free to put the Rosary symbol on your LJ user-info, but make sure to host it yourself.

Boutons who wish to take on Petite Soeurs must wait at least one month from the date of the Rosary Ceremony with her Oneesama.

Rose Rules

1.Be respectful.

a. Flaming and/or Trolling is absolutely not tolerated. All posts and comments containing these will be deleted, and the offender will be issued a warning.

b. All personal disputes between members are to be handled privately, and kept off of the community. No exceptions. Moderators are more than happy to play the role of mediator, and assist in conflict resolution (moderator contact information can be found further down in the user information). Posts and comments associated with personal disputes between community members will be deleted, and offenders will be issued a warning.

c. It's not just LJ. There are real flesh and blood human beings behind the text that is written. Your community members are real girls and women with thoughts, feelings, and histories unique to themselves. Because of the nature of the cyber world where repercussions aren't always as strongly felt as in our immediate worlds, it is sometimes difficult to remember this. Please try.

2. Participate

While participation in community activities is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Just like in real life, doing things together is a great way to get to know one another and build stronger bonds of friendship. Please review activity guidelines here.

3. Moderation

a. Moderators will explain the reasoning of post deletions and warnings to offenders at the time the action is taken. If you feel you your post did not warrant deletion or warning, you can take it up via email with the moderators. We are not opposed to reasonable discussion.

b. Three warnings will lead to a temporary ban. More than one banning will result in a permanent ban, unless otherwise specified by the moderators.

c. Feel free to take all questions, suggestions, and/or problems to community moderators. We all communicate with one another and work together, your questions problems and suggestions will be taken into consideration and addressed, and one of us will respond to you as soon as possible.

Rose Relations






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